Acid Kuba Kuba Blue Cigars

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ACID Kuba Kuba Blue Cigars
This Acid Kuba Kuba Blue variety is made up of long-filler stogies that are extremely flavorful and culturally rich. Everything is indigenous to Nicaragua, providing that authentic Cuban cigar taste.

Drew Estate did an excellent job with this Kuba Kuba variety by ensuring top-notch craftsmanship. Because the cigars are hand-rolled, they have an even smooth burn and an immaculate aromatic train of smoke.

Tobacco is handpicked and cured under ideal conditions. The filler is a blend of premium Nicaraguan tobacco leaves infused with herbs, spices, floral scents, and essential oils. That being said, when the smoke rises into the air, it fills the room with the beautifully scented aromas of all the ingredients used in the curing process.

The Sumatra wrapper naturally has floral, earthy, sweet, and cinnamon flavors, which contribute to the cigars’ full flavor profile. Expect a smooth, creamy experience that grows richer and more complex with each cigar.

They are slow-burning cigars that are perfect for a celebration, big or small. So whether it is the closing of a business deal, graduation, it just ending a day, a cigar from this box of 24 cigars will make the event all the more enjoyable.

The strength kicks you get from smoking a Kuba Kuba are mellow to the medium smoking experience. This means that both a newbie and pro alike can enjoy the Acid Kuba Kuba Blue Cigars. These robusta cigars are perhaps one of the best you will try on the Acid line of cigars and enjoy it every step of the way. Day or night, this is your cigar and you should give it a try as soon as possible.

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