Boochcraft Organic Passion Fruit Blood Orange Hard Kombucha - 6pk Cans

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This flavor is representative of summer in a glass! Starting with aroma: the first thing you’ll notice is the difference in this fresh watermelon flavor vs. the fake watermelon flavor often associated with candy. From the watermelon, you’ll notice hints of other melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew, and then some refreshing notes of cucumber (from the watermelon rind!). Next, the chili brings the sensation of heat, and finally, the mint brings refreshing effects reminiscent of mojitos. The taste of this Booch mirrors that of the aroma: the watermelon is out front with flavors of fresh watermelon juice, followed with notes of other melons and then a vegetal cucumber component that adds to the refreshing experience. Next comes the chili, bringing the heat via red chilis and jalapeno peppers. The last flavor is the mint, which again presents as muddled mint in a mojito. The final aspect of this flavor that makes it truly unique is the finish, which is almost like a competition between hot and cold. The competi