Cava De Oro Extra Aged Añejo Black Edition Tequila - 750ml

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Black Edition 40% ALC  80 Proof
Aged Tequila from Cava de Oro, aged for 24 months in French white oak barrels,
extra aged for an additional 3 months in a new barrel.
The fact that our Extra Aged Añejo Tequila is aged in red-wined wood makes it acquire a remarkable depth of flavor, which imbues it with richness and a unique flavor, thus completely transforming it, since wood is king. of the process, and plays a fundamental role in the spirit's flavor.
Color: Bright reddish and dark amber hues.
Aroma: Multitude of fruity aromas and toasted oak.
Taste: Its exquisite sweetness turns into a bombastic and long finish.