5 tips to Plan the Perfect Wine Vacation

People love their wine. The fact that you’re reading this right now means you’re one of the people! And why not? Wine is refreshing, wine is spiritual, and wine has heritage and history. Rulers and emperors have been drinking wine for centuries. Wine has been romanticized and linked to so many passionate things that interest in it is inevitable if you like all things classy. As much as the other forms of alcoholic beverages are loved, none have the same ceremonial competence, interesting flavour profiles, and social acceptance of this level.

Once you start getting into wines, or you have been for years, the next logical step is to go on a full-fledged wine tour to one of the hotspots! There are many countries and towns where winemaking is a traditional family business, and the process has been constant for centuries! There are other wineries where you’ll find a complete experience with a restaurant and souvenir shop etc. So if you are looking for ideas to plan a wine vacation, you’ve come to the right place!
1. Visit Wineries Early in the Day
The core reason you want to go on a wine tour is to understand the process and the facts about the wine you’re drinking. The best people to tell you about this wine would be the staff which is generally busy all day. The afternoon in the high season is when the most crowd comes in. Visiting wineries in the off-season is also advisable, but who really wants to do that! Late October to mid-August is the perfect time to visit wineries since it is the season. So it is also naturally busy, and you can’t expect to see or meet any winemakers at that time. So, all things considered, the best time to visit a winery is early in the day!
2.Limit the Number of Wineries you Visit 3-4
Look. We get it that wine is tasty but also gets you dizzy! If you’re on vacation to taste wine, you want to give your body the best chance to enjoy it to the best of its potential. If you go to more than 4 wineries in a day, you might not even understand what’s going on. Taste everything leisurely and really savour the flavour of the wines. You can plan all these things in advance and make appointments based on the days. It’s always a good idea to plan it all out in advance!
3. Have Plenty of Questions to Ask

Really get to know the culture and heritage of each wine and winery. That is what it’s all about! There are simple questions you can ask about the winemaking process, how old the winery is, and questions about the founder. Sometimes when you can connect with the passion behind making this holy beverage, it somehow has a way of tasting even better! The winemakers and the staff there will be more than happy to spin you around in their tales.

4. Drink in Moderation

Now, you really want to be taking care of yourself in such a wine frenzy! Wine vacations are like trick-or-treating for adults. You tend to lose yourself in child-like curiosity and overdo it. So it is important to drink in moderation, have food and water frequently too. In fact, make it a rule to drink a glass of water for every 5 ounces of wine you drink. Do that with discipline, and you should be fine.

5.  Explore!

Every person has a good idea of their favourite kind of wine. It is best to go into these wineries with no expectations and an open mind. Every winemaker has a certain process of making wines, so even the same kind of wine at two different winemakers will taste different. Also, every winemaker will be proud of the variety they produce and excel in. Try and get a sip of that everywhere you go!