Summer Whiskies Under 30$


While the summer season calls for a chilled glass of beer, there are certain people who love sipping on their glass of whiskey even when there is scorching heat outside. There are numerous whiskies in the market that are suitable for consumption in the summer season, however, very few of them are actually affordable for regular consumption. Following is a list of five whiskies that are available within the 30$ range and prove to be a great choice to enjoy the summer season:

  1. Bulleit Bourbon Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This beverage is inspired by the whiskey pioneered by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. The subtlety and complexity of this Bourbon come from its unique blend of rye, corn and barley malt along with special strains of yeast and Kentucky limestone filtered water. The high rye content of this whiskey imparts it a bold and spicy character with a finish that is distinctively clean and smooth. This bourbon has a smooth mid-palate with tones of maple, oak and nutmeg and finishes with a light toffee flavor.

  1. Jameson Irish Whiskey

This blended Irish Whiskey is made by using the best of pot still and fine grain whiskies which are triple distilled to give this Irish whiskey its signature smoothness. The whiskey is then aged in oak casks for a minimum of four years which gives it a distinct flavor and aroma.

  1. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Whiskey

Bourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Taste Kentucky Straight Bourbon, which leads to a surreal blend of rich, delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon. The resultant drink has a rich and sweet taste that is complemented by a creamy vanilla flavor. You can enjoy it chilled, on the rocks or pour it in a cup of coffee for an indulgent after-dinner treat.

  1. Grand Old Parr 12-year-old Blended Scotch

This full-flavored Scotch Whiskey is prepared by our master blender by bringing together different types of casks from several distilleries. The resulting beverage has an attractive and velvety flavor with a perfect balance of soft green leaves, honey and fruit notes.

  1. Irish Mist The Original Honey Whiskey

This liquor is made from aged Irish whiskey, heather and clover honey, aromatic herbs and other spirits. This ancient recipe is claimed to be 1000 years old which was once 80 US Proof (40% alcohol per volume), however, it is 35% or 70 US Proof now. Irish Mist has a rich and mellow blend of Irish whiskies, triple distilled and aged in oak casks for exceptional smoothness.


These five whiskies mentioned above work best with a cube of ice and a little bit of sunshine, making them perfect for your summer season. Enjoy them while you bask in the sun at your poolside or while having a casual chat with your friends on your rooftop patio.