Leopold Bros Aged 2 years American Small Batch Whiskey -750 ml

Leopold Bros Aged 2 years American Small Batch Whiskey -750 ml

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This was distilled in the winter of 2017 of 64% Corn, 15% Rye, and 21% Malted Barley with an age statement of 2+ years. The nose shows youthful corn and rye grains with fresh cut woods and a distinct note of dill pickle. The palate has a brighter youthful rye note with fresh wood shavings. D&M Tasting Notes May 2021

For those of you not familiar with Leopold Bros., they are a Denver based micro-distillery run by brothers Scott and Todd Leopold. Scott has a background in brewing and distilling and his brother Todd was an environmental engineer, so weaving together their respective strengths and acumen they opened a brewpub that focused on organic ingredients and sustainable energy practices in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1999.

Their increasing passion for spirits drove them to relocate to Denver in 2008, discontinue brewing and open a micro-distillery, which it certainly is given that all of their spirits are distilled in a 40 gallon copper still that has a footprint of similar size to your kitchen refrigerator.

Each batch yields 108-300 bottles and all are hand numbered with ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. If you are not yet acquainted with their other offerings, such as their gin and absinthe, they are certainly worth seeking out. Distillery Notes