Cantaritos Hard Soda Variety 12 Pack Bottles

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The drinks we enjoyed as kids very rarely taste great to our adult tastebuds. Sweet, sugary drinks — whether they came in a liquid or a powder additive — were the highlight of our childhood days. Now, they’re unpalatable. This is often true. However, there are exceptions. Some drinks that appeal to kids end up being just as delicious when you’re all grown up. Jarritos is one of these drinks. They come in fun, bright reds, yellows, and greens. These scream — kids’ drink! Do you know what this colorful array also screams? Cocktails! Maybe the makers of Jarritos had this thought, too, as the brand just announced that it’s planning a new product, Cantaritos Hard Sodas.

In a story broken by Beer Business Daily, Anheuser-Busch announced that it recently joined into a partnership with Novamex to produce a line of hard sodas named Cantaritos “By Jarritos.”

“Please join me in celebrating our new partnership with Novamex,” A-B InBev Beyond Beer chief Fabricio Zonzini wrote, “A leading manufacturer of authentic Mexican