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Cooranbong Australian Vodka -750 ml

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 Presented in a tall wine-bottle-like vessel, this clear, bright vodkranbong vodka is indeed an exceptional sprit. The Australian import has pristine clarity and a medium - weight, silky textured body. Its bouquet features a focused set of grape-like aromas, not unlike a brandy. the vodka raises hardly any esophageal heat as it quickly expands filling the mouth with a warming dose of lightly spiced, vinous flavor. The finish is cool and crisp. Before featuring this gem of a vodka in a mixed drink or craft cocktail, you owe it to yourself to first sample it neat, or with a slight chill. You just might not drink Cooranbong any other way after that. Cooranbong, welcome to the U.S. May all of our futures be so bright." -Robert Plotkin, industry author, expert and international spirit judge. a made from Barossa Valley grapes mixes mild but distinctly sweet notes of marshmallow and vanilla.             93 - Outstanding Rating, Anthony Dias Blue.Smooth and clean, distilled ten times in Australia, soft and neutral in flavor with just a hint of vanilla; silk and lush, long and pure with a mellow finish.