Grand Old Parr 18 year Blended Scotch Whiskey -750 ml

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Grand Old Parr 18 year
40% ALC
Notes: Fruity, sweet, aged wood
In 1909, Greenlees Brothers introduced (Ancient) Old Parr. They named their blend after the legendary figure of Thomas Parr, said to be England's longest-lived man, aged 152 when he died in 1635. His long life symbolized the maturity of the whiskies used in the blend, whilst his wisdom represented the skill and knowledge required to produce it. James and Samuel became two of the most skilled and successful pioneers of the blended whisky business of their time. Today, the Old Parr brand still reflects its founders' prodigious dedication to quality and craftsmanship. There’s a lovely classic feel to the nose of this blend. It’s rich, dry, and sophisticated with honey, caramel, wheat biscuits, barley, dried apricot, citrus peel, pineapple, dry oak, and a dusting of wood spice. The palate opens with citrus, sweet grain, gentle spices, dried fruits, apricot, and grapefruit peel before the major notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and cocoa take over. It’s definitely worth embracing its old-timey charm.