Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Edition Bourbon Whiskey -750ml

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Kentucky Owl Bourbon St. Patricks Edition – In celebration of the long-standing ties that bond Irish and Kentucky Whiskey making, Kentucky Owl has partnered with Irish Whiskey Bonder Louise McGuane to help create our Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This St Patrick’s Edition brings together the traditional bonding skills of selecting rare whiskey barrels and unique flavor profile, with the expertise of our Master Blender, John Rhea, resulting in this exceptional limited release.
The Kentucky Owl St. Patrick’s Limited Edition is a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons varying in age from 4 – 8 years old each coming in with their unique flavor characteristics. Rich caramel and vanilla from some more rare well-aged Bourbons. Spice and fruit from Bourbons with a higher rye content, and a feeling of sweetness and citrus from Wheated Bourbon. All carefully mingled to bring out a robust, well-balanced Bourbon experience.​