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Our unique brand name is the most famous one in the business. It's famous for a reason: more Americans know and trust the Blue Rhino brand than any other.

Also, take a look at our production facilities. You’ll find state-of-the-art equipment, and people with years of expertise at work. We clean, leak-test, and inspect every tank. We retrofit tanks that have outdated components. And we requalify tanks when needed. Truth is, not every propane provider does all of that. Blue Rhino does, so you can grill with confidence. 

We also went green long before green became cool. We recycle millions of propane tanks every year, keeping them out of landfills. And propane is a clean-burning fuel. The U.S. government lists it as an alternative to other fossil fuels. Maybe we should change our name to Green Rhino!

Our famous brand can even be found on some other fun outdoor living products such as grills, barbecue accessories, and fire tables.

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