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Rare Perfection Canadian Whiskey 15 year old -750ml

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Nose:  The nose has the strangest aroma I’ve ever experienced in my life, so I don’t know how to relate it to anything else.  Some people say this is an old dusty funk, but I’ve tasted some other bottles with dusty funk and I wouldn’t say this is exactly that.  It’s a cross between wood that was just slightly burned by the blade on a bandsaw and the inside of a raw coconut.  This note overwhelms a majority of the nose, but I do manage to also pull out ghee (clarified butter), and classic caramel and vanilla scents.

Palate: The palate has a sweetness with an intensity that I have not really experienced before.  I can taste that it’s sweet, with an intense caramel fudge character, but it has no body behind it.  Drying wood along with soft cinnamon spice give this some depth and show that not all of the palate is sweet.  There’s also an herbal quality that I can’t pinpoint, but maybe green cardamom pods.  Lots of kneaded dough carries a weird mouthfeel that almost borders on what the last Terrepure whiskey I tasted was like.  Overall, the palate is just as strange as the nose.

Finish:  The finish weaves back and forth between buttery rum balls and drying oak and tobacco.  There’s also this really unique chocolate that’s more dark than sweet, but also like it’s infused with pomegranate and blueberry; two different fruits which don’t really belong in chocolate.  If you’ve ever eaten Brookside chocolates, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The finish is easily the best part about his whiskey, being somewhat normal if you’re a strictly bourbon drinker.