Stone Imperial Stout Cask Strength Whiskey -750ml

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Stone whiskey is made with the wort of Stone Imperial Stout (liquid resulting from the first stage of the brewing process), distilled and aged in 30-gallon charred oak barrels for 30 months.
This is a monster of a whiskey clocking in at 127 proof. (That's 63.5% ABV in beer terms.)
Like our Arrogant Bastard Whiskey, this is extremely limited. Available exclusively at select stores in Southern California and Foundry Distilling Company in West Des Moines, Iowa. Seeing as today is National Stout Day, you might think we're content in celebrating the return of our legendary Stone Imperial Stout. And hey, that on its own is pretty sweet.
But no, we had to go and be extra. We have once again partnered with the incredibly talented folks - who we also collaborated with on Arrogant Bastard Whiskey a few years ago - to bring you Stone Imperial Whiskey!