Yellowstone 2022 Limited Edition Bourbon Whiskey -750ml

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Yellowstone 2021 Limited Edition Bourbon Whiskey

While each release of Yellowstone Limited Edition is different, one thing always remains the same: a promise of top-shelf flavor with humble complexities. This year’s offering features a delicately balanced blend of 7-year, 15-year, and 16-year-aged bourbons, finished in Marsala Superiore casks. Marsala Superiore is a dry, sweet wine produced in Italy and imparts tangy flavors of dried fruits and citrus.

The 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition is sold in custom-designed bottles featuring embossing and a high-end natural cork, making it a natural fit for the Limestone Branch family of spirits.

Proof: 101 (50.5% Alc/Vol).

Tasting Notes

AROMA: Dried apricots, and manuka honey complemented by hints of tobacco.

BODY: Dark brown sugar notes mixed with dried fruit, walnut, and dates followed by hints of vanilla

FINISH: Lingering with Palm Sugar and Tamarind